Bulldog Insurance


boat insurance liability coverage

  Our Bulldog Insurance Agency provided boat insurance coverage can give you peace of mind by helping protect you and relatives residing in your household in case of liability injuries or property damage involving your craft.  

  Our supplementary protection includes the following at no additional cost:

-Named Additional Insured

-Claim and Defense Expenses

-Emergency First Aid

-Pollution Damage (only in Georgia and Washington)

Boat Property Protection

  In the water, in transit or in storage, your boat, including manufacturer’s installed equipment and outboard motor, is protected against most accidental damage or losses.

   For sailboats, our policy covers sails, spars and rigging. Bulldog Insurance Agency provided boat insurance policies also cover:

-Emergency Services

-Protective Repairs


- Hurricane Emergency Removal Coverage (only in Georgia)

You automatically receive up to $1,000 per item and $3,000 total to cover boating equipment, including accessories of the insured watercraft that are not installed by the manufacturer. Additional coverage may also be purchased.